7 Shocking Health Benefits of Strawberries

7 Shocking Health Benefits of Strawberries

What is delicious, fabulous for your health, and red all over? Surprise! It’s strawberries.

You may not have guessed it right away, but these little red gems are not only gorgeous to look at—they are also packed with an astonishing list of health benefits.

These superfoods are stuffed with nutrients, antioxidants, and enough vitamin C to compete with its mighty friend in the orange. Low in calories and rich in fiber, this brilliant fruit just might be nature’s best dessert.

You’d do well to start thinking of ways to incorporate these heart-shaped, green-hatted fruits into your diet.

Did you ever think that a freezie pop with made with real strawberries could smooth out your skin?

Or how a handful of strawberry fruit nuggets could help you fight cancer?

Well, they do!  

So, how can a strawberry benefit your health?

We have a whole list of ways these tiny but fierce fruits provide health benefits. Check it out.

1. Your heart will love a strawberry

You read that correct…strawberries will keep your heart beating healthy and fit. These sweet fruits contain folate, antioxidants, lots of fiber, and few calories. All of these elements work together to fight cardiovascular disease and bad cholesterol. Even the potassium in strawberries will help with electrolytes and decrease the chance of stroke.  

2. Cancer-fighting fruit? Yup!

It can be hard to believe that something so cute can put up a fight against something so dangerous. But it’s the truth.

Let’s get the big words out of the way: phytochemicals, anthocyanin, lutein, kaempferol, quercetin, ellagic acid, and on and on.

Don’t worry. These words aren’t in our daily vocabulary, either. But we do have an idea about what they do.

They each contribute in their own way to reducing the likelihood or growth of cancer. Some discourage the development of cancer cells. Others can act as anti-inflammatory agents that have been found to ward off the earlier stages of certain cancer types. And this is just to name a couple.

That’s a whole lot of power packed into a small package.

3. They’ll make you smarter (maybe)

Ok, so this isn’t a purely scientific statement. But we like to hope.

What scientists do believe about strawberries is that regularly eating them may slow cognitive decline. The anti-inflammatory substances we mentioned earlier are attributed to high levels of flavonoids that are found in plants. And the antioxidants in strawberries always have an excellent effect on blood vessels, which is essential to a healthy brain. 

So, eating lots of strawberries can mean a healthier brain.

And we hold onto the hope that a healthy brain is a smarter brain too.

4. Strawberries as a teeth-whitener?

We know this one isn’t quite as critical as fighting cancer or heart failure.

But it’s still super cool!

The science tells us that the natural acids present in our florid friends naturally remove stains from our teeth. There are some tips and tricks to gaining the best whitening benefits but suffice it to say that you could be smiling more brightly for reasons beyond just a great tasting treat.

5. Strawberries for your strands (of hair!)

Again, this isn't precisely as vital as increased brainpower. But who doesn't love a great head of hair? Or maintaining that beautiful mane?

Turns out, strawberries will actually help keep your hair from falling out. While they even fight dandruff!

This terrific two-for-one is the result of antioxidants, ellagic, folate, vitamin B6, and other micronutrients in strawberries. These powerful elements in the potent fruit protect your scalp's health—assisting in the prevention of dandruff and hair loss.

Now, we don’t recommend turning your tasty strawberry and mango freezie into a DIY shampoo. But we do recommend enjoying them as much as you love that luscious head of hair.

6. Anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing powers, you say?


While we are on the beauty and cosmetics theme, we would do well to mention that strawberries can also improve your skin health.

What can’t these tiny blushing fruits do?!

Since strawberries compete with the orange for vitamin C levels, they also promote the creation of collagen in our skin. And you guessed it…this improves our epidermal elasticity and strength.

Eating these exotic fruits can leave your skin looking healthier and younger.

7. Beat back high blood pressure

From beauty to the whole body, strawberries support our health in so many ways.

Closing our list is one of those health benefits that many of us start to experience as we progress along in life a bit.

So, if you’re dealing with high blood pressure, you might think about increasing your strawberry intake. The potassium, fiber, and presence of magnesium make these super (duper) fruits a great friend for lowering high blood pressure.

Go get ‘em (the strawberries)

Your friends here at Kisko love strawberries as much as strawberries love our health!

And we would love to have you explore all the ways your health can benefit from the (super) natural powers of these delightfully dainty delights.

From fruit snacks to your favorite freezies, check out all the delicious ways Kisko uses real and natural fruit to turn these tiny (and tasty) fruits into huge health benefits