6 Powerful Pineapple Health Benefits

6 Powerful Pineapple Health Benefits

These impressive fruits are bright and big. They look like a giant blazing pinecone. And it turns out that this is precisely how the pineapple got its name (for looking like a pinecone).

But these fruits have remarkably more health benefits than a pinecone. Not to mention much more impressive hair—with those luscious green leaves sprouting from its crown.

These fruits don’t just look royal. They are bursting with a wealth and bounty of reasons to eat them for your health.

We adopted the extraordinary taste and nutrition of these fruits into Welch’s brand for various reasons.

For one, they can actually make you happier. And we have the science to back it up

A Welch’s Tropical Freeze Pop might even be part of your answer for improving your vision or the healthy beating of your heart.

Our Welch’s Premium Juice Ice Bars could even help you get over the pesky cold you’ve been dealing with. And not by just boosting your spirits with their flavor.

We have a whole list of health benefits that we are excited to share with you about our favorite big fruit in the pineapple.

You’ll be craving our Berry Pineapple and Pineapple Passion pops for at least 6 different reasons by the end of this list!

Our top six most exciting benefits from pineapples

1. Smile for the pineapple

Over the years, many of us have come to be familiar with a few super-science words like antioxidants, calories, carbohydrates, and this one: serotonin.

Serotonin is basically the chemical released in the brain that can commonly impact our mental health. For the most part, low serotonin levels are associated with depression and anxiety. 

But pineapple fights the good fight! There are high levels of the amino acid tryptophan inside our favorite big fruit. And you guessed it, studies have some this supplement can boost our serotonin levels.

So, you won’t just be smiling because this fruit is delicious and good looking!

2. Sticks and stones can’t break pineapple-powered bones

You know what else makes us happy? Bone and joint health, that’s what!

It turns out that our bones and joints really like the mineral manganese. This mineral has been found to reduce bone loss in people with osteoporosis and reduce pain from osteoarthritis.

So, go grab some extra pineapple today and feel the strength pulsing inside you—all the way the bone.

3. See the beauty in things

If you have ever set eyes on a pineapple, you know how genuinely striking is its appearance. Those flowing locks on its head and the waves of piney texture wrapped around its torso.

Keeping this fruit in your diet will help your vision capture even more of the beauty in life. High amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene combine for an extravagant antioxidant and increase the healthy function of our eyes.

Do you see now why we love these fruits so much!?

4. Relieve that cough

Ok, so pineapples aren't like cough medicine or anything. But they can help alleviate the symptoms of the common cold (like a cough).

Now, of course, the vitamin C in these fruits will help. But it's the bromelain that gets the most credit. This enzyme can decrease mucus and phlegm that build up in our bodies when we get a cold or something like it.

The next time you feel the tickle in your throat, reach for our good friend in the pineapple for support.

5. Hardy health for your heart

You know what your heart loves in addition to the brilliant taste of pineapple? Normal blood pressure levels!

And what helps stabilize your blood pressure levels? Well, one of the most essential minerals to the body is an excellent place to start. The many minerals, including potassium, in pineapples will help your body maintain those happy heart levels.

Reduce your need to decide between healthy (fruity) snacks while also reducing your blood pressure levels!

6. Down with the diseases

We saved the biggest one for last. And it's big, indeed. Like cancer-fighting size!

Yes, the fruit with the good hair will also help your body fight off all kinds of diseases.

Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are primary culprits in the development of diseases like cancer. That bromelain we mentioned earlier is even more potent than just battling the common cold. 

Now, cancer is still a big deal, and pineapple is not a cure. But every little bit counts, right?

So, get to dicing up some bits of pineapple into your diet for a snack full of spirit and strength.

 Final thoughts

Your friends here at Kisko are big fans of pineapples and a variety of powerful fruits!

We wanted to bring you our top six health benefits. Still, the list easily could have continued with things like boosting your digestive system or helping you heal from exercise—or even strengthening your gums.

That’s why we provide freeze pops, freezies and juice ice bars from the Welch’s brand you have come to love and trust.

You’ll have a blast exploring all the options for pineapple and other real fruit snacks that bring you the best health benefits.