Mrs. J's Organic Juice Pops

Prepare for the Cold and Flu Season with Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops

How do Mr's J's Natural Organic Juice Pops help with Cold and Flu Season?

It comes and goes every year. It's not a holiday. And it's definitely not a thing of celebration.

It’s the cold and flu season. UGH

We all know it far too well. Unlike a holiday, it’s not a season of joy or excitement. But like a holiday, it requires our preparation and attention.

Cold and flu season is just no fun. It’s unavoidable and uncomfortable. Yet, we believe that there are ways to make the best of it—while also keeping you healthy and strong.

How can you add a dash of gratification to the cold and flu season, you ask

Well, we are glad you did. Because our line of Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops are just what the doctor ordered.

Now, we aren’t saying your doctor will prescribe you fruit pops. But there are plenty of reasons why these pops are powerful for fighting the cold and flu.

So, how can fruit pops help you prepare and respond to a cold or flu?

Let’s get into it.  

Four Ways Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops Help Fight a Cold or Flu

There are various ways you can help protect everyone—from the littlest to the biggest—in your family this cold and flu season.

And there are (at the least) four ways our Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops should be a part of your seasonal plans!

Vitamin C

This might be the most well-known vitamin of all time. And there's a good reason for that. Getting plenty of vitamin C in your diet is a handy (and tasty) way to prep the body for a cold or flu.

Vitamin C won’t necessarily keep you from getting sick, but it can make being sick more comfortable. Even better, this essential nutrient can help you get over that cold faster.

Where can you find a good vitamin C source? Again, we are glad you keep asking such great questions.


Fruits like mango, orange, and pineapple are a fantastically flavorful way to snag a lot of necessary nutrients. And it just so happens that Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops have plenty of citruses.  

Go ahead and prepare your body for the season with a delicious snack—full of vitamin C!

Natural and organic

Real food has real benefits. Natural and organic foods are a critical way to get as many nutrients into one package as possible.

Not only that, but organic foods are also healthy for what they DON’T have in them. Organically grown foods don’t come with the risk of toxins and unwanted elements.

You want a strawberry that’s just a strawberry, right? Not a fruit carrying the extra baggage of various contaminants.

Maintaining the raw power inside the fruit helps keep our bodies healthy and our immune systems fighting against the bad stuff. The result is a body better suited to avoiding sickness.

So, for this inevitable season, stock up on all-natural and organic options, like our Mrs. J’s Natural Organic brand.

These are some potent pops!


We have all been there. That uncomfortable congestion and dehydration that comes with the cold or flu. Your chest feels heavy. Maybe your mind feels bogged down too. Your body struggles to keep up energy.

Staying hydrated is key to battling the blockage and fatigue of being sick. It’s always important to maintain as many fluids as possible with lots of water. But plain water gets boring after a while.

Juice is a great way to mix things up. And you can get plenty of juice and hydration from Mrs. J’s Juice Pops.

If you’re dealing with a cold or flu, there’s nothing like enjoying your hydration efforts with a delightful juice pop snack!

Germ-fighting antioxidants

This one is so cool. New research is emerging about the abilities of certain foods to battle germs!

Foods like broccoli, cranberries, green tea, and dark berries all have something in common. Each has an antioxidant known as quercetin. And researchers believe it can help battle the germs that cause the common cold.

Now, that’s a cool antioxidant!

And Mrs. J’s Natural Organic brand is well-equipped for the job. Start fighting germs and the cold with our Berry Blast!

Final thoughts

Your friends here at Kisko want to support you through the cold and flu season.

It’s a tricky and uncomfortable time of the year, but we can help you stay healthy while adding a little fun to the bummer of being sick.

How about one last tip before you go?

If you’re struggling with being sick, remember to keep moving. Take a walk around the house, backyard, or neighborhood. Moving around helps strengthen your body and keep your spirits up while you’re sick, but it also helps fend off sickness before it happens.  

Enjoy a Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pop after a walk or following some regular exercise while keeping up your hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants!