10 Proven Benefits of Blueberries

10 Proven Benefits of Blueberries

They’re beautiful. They’re blue. They’re brilliant. And they’re full of benefits.

Regularly eating blueberries can be big for your health!

The color of these berries is not just in the name or a reason for their charm. It’s part of the reason they have so many proven benefits. An important component (called anthocyanins) gives these bite-size fruits their deep and dark hue.

And they’re bursting with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that have more health benefits than a rainbow has colors. 

Start thinking about the ways a Welch’s freezie pop not only makes your heart happy but also promotes a healthy heart.

Or begin pondering how a Mott’s pop isn’t about a brain freeze—it’s about brain performance!

These are some pretty big claims about the benefits of blueberries. But we have the list to back it up.

Our top ten favorite benefits of blueberries

1. A fountain for youth

Don’t let the small stature of these blue beauties fool you. They pack a powerful punch…against aging!

We have all become familiar with the popular term ‘antioxidants’ over the past decade or so. And these little berries top the charts amongst fruits—and veggies!—for the highest antioxidant activity.

What does that do? It increases the body’s ability to reduce inflammation and diminish oxidative stress.

But why is that important?

Well, because this empowers the body to repair cells and defend against the harmful effects of such an imbalance. The result is a powerful DNA-supporting effort that slows aging.

2. Happy (healthy) heart

Turns out, what’s good for aging is also great for your heart. Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress guards against wrinkles—but it also defends against artery hardening.

And artery health is directly connected to reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke. Scientists are even recommending that these bountiful blueberries be included in nutritional strategies to protect against heart disease.

Just a cup of blueberry bits per day is enough to keep that ticker in tip-top shape!

3. Go blue for your brain

So, there were a few groups of scientists who did some studies. And then a whole other group of scientists who analyzed those studies.

All of them wanted to understand this: the relationship between blueberries and cognitive performance. 

They found that blueberries improve delays in memory and executive function in children. In older healthy adults and adults with mild impairments, the berries improved these two functions AND psychomotor abilities.

Other experts even promote the idea that blueberries can help prevent dementia and further age-related cognitive decline.

That's a whole lot of people benefitting…in some really essential ways.

4. Calm your (bad) cholesterol

Recent studies have shown that regularly eating blueberries can help lower bad cholesterol levels.

Some experts are even pointing out that these mighty morsels can be more effective than commonly prescribed medication for controlling cholesterol. 

So, try out a medicinal mouthful of blueberries!

5. Mend muscles

The pesky inflammation and oxidative stress we keep mentioning is a big deal when it comes to our body and its muscles. Both of these strains create exhaustion and discomfort.

Studies are beginning to show that blueberries can support muscles in recovery from exercise. 

A berry a day could keep the soreness at bay! (Well, more like a cup of berries, really.)

6. Defend against diabetes

You know that slightly sour taste that blends so nicely with the sweetness of a blueberry? We love it too.

Part of what that beautiful flavour balance brings to the berry is a modest amount of sugar compared to various other fruits. But there’s more. Blueberries also have a bioactive compound that outweighs any downsides to blood sugar control—defending against diabetes!

7. Berries for blood pressure

Not just a few studies, but numerous studies link blueberries to an ability to lower blood pressure. They can reduce the impact of obesity and other significant risks for heart disease associated with high blood pressure. 

Going blue for your blood pressure sounds like a good idea to us!

8. Cancel the cancer

Something we can’t avoid is the damage that happens to our DNA each day. This is just part of growing older. And it’s tied to certain diseases like cancer.

BUT…remember the power of antioxidants? Well, they help reduce damage to our DNA that can help fight the good fight against possible cancers.

We knew we loved these berry beauts for a good reason. 

9. Strong skin and bones

Just a single cup of blueberries has enough nutrients to maintain healthy bones and contribute to collagen creation—for healthy skin and joints.

One cup will give you a gram of protein (from a fruit!), zero fat, around 20 grams of carbs, and a few grams of fiber. With only 85 calories! 

This nutrient-packed list will provide enough vitamin C and vitamin K to keep your skin and bones strong.

10. Our belly loves a blueberry

Amongst all the great nutrients in this bountiful berry is fiber. This nutrient is a standard aid for digestion—helping move waste out of our bodies.

What’s more is that a healthy digestive system is a huge support for a healthier immune system, too.

Final thoughts

Your friends here at Kisko are big fans of blueberries and a variety of powerful fruits!

That’s why we provide freezies and juice ice bars from the Welch’s and Mott’s brands you have come to love and trust. 

You’ll have a blast exploring all the options for blueberries and other real fruit snacks that bring you the best health benefits