Post-Exercise Tips for a Soccer Event

Post-Exercise Tips for a Soccer Event

We all look forward to that particular moment in soccer. You know the one.

The ball slips past the goalie and slides into the net. Then…the crowd goes crazy, and the announcer spends the next ten minutes screaming one word: GOAL!!!

All the excitement surrounding the game is about as intoxicating as the game itself. Crowds put in a bunch of energy. Parents lose their voices. Announcers run out of breath.

All while the players give it their everything.

Pouring so much of ourselves into exercise requires a lot from our bodies. How we respond after the game can be just as important as the game itself.

We wanted to explore some of the top things to keep in mind once the game's excitement and activity are over. Let’s take a look at how to relax and rejuvenate after a big soccer event.

Tips for rallying after a soccer event

You ran. You jumped. You slid. You might have even done a little kicking.

Our bodies like it when we keep them active, but it does take a toll. How we treat our bodies after an intense exercise like soccer will determine how we feel the next day. Or even how we perform at the next game.

Here are three things to keep in mind for recovering after a good workout on the field.


Did you know that the average soccer player runs upwards of seven miles per game? Sometimes, even nearly ten miles?!

That’s a whole lot of mileage to put on our legs.

It’s no wonder we can feel the strain after a hard-fought game. The soreness or exhaustion we feel in our limbs after exercise is mainly caused by depleting proteins in our muscles.

But there's excellent news.

Our bodies are protein building machines after a challenging workout. Within the first couple of hours after a game, we can replenish proteins up to three times the usual rate. The human body is fantastic!

One of the best ways to get those proteins back into our muscles is to drink the nutrient.

We love blending in a sport freezie with a protein shake or smoothie. There are dozens of great recipes for high protein smoothies and shakes, and we really like the ones built on natural fruits—like raspberries, cherries, and limes.

Restore those proteins in your muscles after a long game. And do it with some extra style when you include the Mr. Freeze Electroice Sport freezie!


We are making the educated guess that maybe—just maybe—you might have sweated a little while playing. Running, kicking, and jumping tend to result in more sweat than the average night laying around on the couch.

Our bodies lose a couple vital substances when we sweat: water and minerals. We are all familiar with water. And the minerals we sweat out are electrolytes.

What goes out must come back in. When we sweat out water and electrolytes, we need to make extra effort to replenish what we have lost—the basics of hydration.

Replenishing the liquid we have lost is not a terribly complicated process. Drink some water. Simple enough. But water does not include the other important element: electrolytes.

We have an idea for how you can find those elusive electrolytes.

One of our freezies is designed with exercise at its core. Mr. Freeze Electroice Sport is your complete hydration option. It’ll restore water and provide the mineral electrolytes needed to recover what your body has lost.

That's not just easy hydration—it's a delicious way to hydrate too!


Soccer is a vigorous game. Sprinting up and down a 100-meter field is fun—but it’s no joke.

Our bodies expend more than just sweat, water, and minerals during exercise. We also burn energy. A primary source of fuel—or energy—is the carbohydrate.

Because our bodies can only store a small number of carbohydrates, it's easy to use up all that good fuel while we play. We need to get those carbs back into our bodies!

We really like turning to fruits and veggies as a sustainable and tasty way to get those carbs back.

With gorgeous fruits and 6% of daily carbohydrates, you can even refuel with the Electroice Sport freezie. One of our favorite things to do is mix in a sport freezie with a fresh and natural lemonade—full of carb-tastic and healthy energy.

A few closing thoughts

Soccer is one of the world’s greatest and most beloved games. To keep enjoying this brilliant sporting pastime, remember to restore, hydrate, and energize your body.

Kisko is ready to be a resource for your exercise.

We have your back whether you're replenishing water and electrolytes, refueling carbohydrates, or re-energizing proteins. And we are excited to support your sports goals with our specially designed and always flavourful freezies.