Giving Back - Our Mission Of Helping Those In Need

Giving Back - Our Mission Of Helping Those In Need

Our Mission To Help Communities In Canada And Jamaica

Our story started with a simple frozen dessert that took the Caribbean island by storm – the original (and famous) Jamaican snow cone. In 1975, we brought our signature tropical vibes to Canada, establishing Kisko Freezies and introducing a taste of our home to the rest of the world.

Decades later, and we’re the biggest freeze pop manufacturer in the country. Our success has given us the chance to give back the best way we know how: through education, sustainability, and events that bring the community together. Of course, Kisko Freezies are part of it too!

Want to help support our cause? Read on to discover more about how we give back to the people who deserve it most.

How Kisko Gives Back To Communities

Many communities in Canada and the West Indies are facing huge challenges like poverty, hunger, and a lack of accessible, quality education. We’re on a mission to support these communities and to help them thrive despite their circumstances. 

Together with our team of volunteers, Kisko Freezies’ outreach projects have yielded amazing results. We’ve helped dozens of families, businesses, and organizations make a real difference with our grassroots approach to giving back.

So how do we empower those who have been held back by socioeconomic factors?

Food For The Poor Canada & Jamaica

Kisko cares for the homeless and less fortunate – Canadians and Jamaicans alike. We regularly work with non-profit organizations that establish food banks in food-poor communities, helping people get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Through the “Food For The Poor Canada” and “Food For The Poor Jamaica” programs, we distribute healthy and delicious meals to those who can’t afford them. No matter where we go, we also make sure that children get free samples of Freezies to cool down and relax!

Building Schools In Jamaica

Education is essential to development and success later in life, but a lot of children don’t have access to schools in Jamaica. We, together with our volunteers, want to give the next generation of learners a better chance. That’s why, in 2005, we started working with the Helping Hands Foundation to build schools within rural communities.

All our schools are built with the collaboration of the local community through our Lend A Helping Hand program. From putting up the basic structure to hammering and painting, everyone gets to do their part. These projects not only expand educational infrastructure, but also teach teamwork, foster stronger relationships, and encourage active community-building.

Recycled Packaging For Sustainability

Caring for the environment is one of our top priorities. We aim to set a good example for other companies and industries by using only recycled materials – Kisko product packaging is designed to be 100% eco-friendly. We also reduce manufacturing waste by making 95% of our byproducts recyclable. 

We don’t stop at corporate sustainability practices; Kisko wants to help our customers make greener choices, too. Through social media initiatives and promotions, we educate our customers about recycling/upcycling materials, conserving energy, and reducing waste at home.

Summer And Sports Camps

Apart from inspiring kids to play and have fun, we believe that sports are essential to developing children’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It also boosts their ability to think critically while working together towards a single goal. That’s why we support 8 grassroots soccer clubs in Ontario – to promote healthy active lifestyles, sportsmanship, and teamwork. 

All participants that join our summer camp or sports events get to participate in our Giveaway Program where we award winners with trophies and goodies. Some of our prizes include special collectible baseball merchandise, our line of sport Freezies, and official Kisko apparel. And at the end of the day, our Kisko booths give away free Freezies to help kids freshen up and cool down!

Fundraising Programs

Making a difference is easier and more impactful when everyone comes together to contribute. We regularly host fundraising galas with non-profit organizations, companies, charities, and schools to help us raise money for a good cause. The funds we raise go directly to our outreach projects in Canada and Jamaica.

With our customers’ help, we were able to:

  • Provide books, computers, iPads, and school supplies to schools
  • Award educational scholarships to hard-working students
  • Collaborate with public figures to spark awareness about humanitarian campaigns
  • Continue supporting food banks, school building projects, and community events

Lend A Helping Hand With Kisko Freezies

To quote our CEO, Mark Josephs: “We just feel that it’s important if we can come back and we can help in our own little way – then it’s gonna have an impact on children’s lives.”

Kisko cares about helping people in need, especially when they need food, education, sustainability, and community. And with your help, we can continue to give back in more ways than one. 

By supporting Kisko products, you’re also supporting hundreds of Jamaicans and Canadians. Stock up on Kisko treats today, and make a difference with us – one Freezie at a time!