Top 5 Stocking Stuffers: What Should You Get Your Family For Christmas?

The Top 5 Stocking Stuffers: What Should You Get Your Family For Christmas?

Brighten Up Your Family Holidays With 5 Of Our Most Popular Stocking Stuffers

With Christmas just around the corner, the season of giving is almost in full swing. This means that you have to start thinking of what you want to stuff your stockings with – don’t leave it to the last minute!

Many people might be happy with a few candies, chocolates, or candy canes, but why stick to the conventional? At Kisko, we believe that your family deserves the best goodies on Christmas morning! After all, you don’t want anyone to feel disappointed with what they find in their stocking.

If you want to spread holiday cheer, deliciously sweet treats should be your go-to stuffing option. Put smiles on everyone’s faces with our top 5 stocking stuffers of all time!

Note: Holiday stockings should be filled with colourful and flavourful surprises. But making sure they don’t trigger any allergic reactions is an absolute MUST, especially for the kids! That’s why all our products are 100% kosher and free of common allergens like milk, gluten, egg, soy, and nuts.

1. Kisko And Crush Giant Combo Freezies

What’s better than a pack of your favourite Freezies? Simple: Giant Freezies combined with Crush Freeze Pops! This Go-Combo pack will blow everyone’s minds with its assorted flavours and textures, making it perfect for families that want double the fruity fun...all rolled into one!

Our signature Kisko Freezies come in a variety of flavours, including berry blast, pineapple punch, blue raspberry, and orange cream. Meanwhile, the Crush Freeze Pops come in grape, cream soda, and lime. Every box contains 40 packs of Freezies – enough to get you and your family through the holiday season!

2. Welch’s Premium Juice Ice Bars

Welch’s has been a staple household name for decades, but they’ve recently expanded their repertoire with some of the best juice ice bars you’ll ever taste! Since they’re made with the highest quality juice concentrates and purees, you can be sure that your family won’t consume any harmful ingredients. This selection is ideal for families that want zero preservatives and no sugar additives in their sweet treats. 

Plus, Welch’s Premium Juice Ice Bars are easy to eat on-the-go – just shake, freeze, and enjoy. Every bag comes in three unforgettable flavours: berry pineapple, passion fruit, and concord grape. 

3. Mrs. J’s Natural Organic 3D Jungle Pals

Are you trying to avoid gluten? Good news! Mrs. J’s Natural 3D Jungle Pals aren’t just cuter than your average gummy bear – they’re gluten-free and much healthier too.

This popular product comes in three addicting flavours: strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. Did we mention that there are no nasty artificial flavours? More than that, none of the ingredients are animal-derived, which means that they’re completely vegan-friendly.

Just because you run a healthy household doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy delicious desserts or snacks during the holidays. Get Mrs. J’s line of products for guiltless holiday snacking!

4. Mott’s Fruitsations Juice Ice Bars

Prepare your taste buds for a fruity sensation unlike any other! Mott’s Fruitsations Juice Ice Bars are made with special blends of juice concentrate, puree, and other natural ingredients. 

These aren’t your typical juice ice bars, either! Each bar is packed with nutritious sources for vitamins and minerals – great for kids, adults, and elders alike. With no preservatives and artificial flavours, these treats are 100% guilt-free and absolutely delicious! Plus, they’re completely vegan, so it’s a great choice for healthy, cruelty-free dessert.

Every bag comes with 3 fancy flavours: country apple, apple blueberry, and peach carrot apple. For a special healthy ready-to-eat treat, Mott’s Fruitsations are a must-have stocking stuffer on Christmas day!

5. Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops

Craving for a nostalgic classic? The Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops will brighten up every seasonal stocking with 6 unforgettable flavours: grape, orange, cherry, cream soda, watermelon, and blue raspberry. This snack is great for children...and adults who are true kids at heart. 

No matter what flavour you choose, we guarantee you’ll love stuffing your belly with these chunky ice pops! Every giant box comes with 27 packs of Jumbo Pops to keep you and your family satisfied on Christmas day – and beyond.

Extra Holiday Cheer With Kisko Goodies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re here to make things even better with our delicious products. Selecting the right combination of snacks will make all the difference in your holiday cheer – especially for kids and adults that love to indulge in sweet treats! 

So, are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? Good! Our Kisko Goodies are guaranteed to make Christmas extra memorable with fun, frosty, and feel-good eats that everyone can enjoy. With our best-selling stocking stuffers, you can give your family and friends a holiday to remember. You could even make it part of your new Christmas tradition! 

Order some goodies from Kisko today!