How To Keep Your Toddler’s Hands Warm While Eating Freezies

How To Keep Your Toddler’s Hands Warm While Eating Freezies

What To Do If Your Little One’s Hands Get Cold While Eating Freezies

Do your kids love cool treats but hate getting their hands cold? We can’t blame them! Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable while enjoying their favourite icy sweets. So, what do you do if your little one’s hands get cold while eating Freezies

It’s simple: make a Freezie cozy!

This DIY life hack is perfect for keeping your kids’ hands safe and warm while they eat Freezies. Read on to learn how you can make it at home.

How Can A Freezie Cozy Help Your Little One?

If kids are left unattended while eating Freezies, they might get too chilly and lose sensation in their fingers. A Freezie cozy is a thick fabric sleeve that’s designed to protect your toddler’s hands from the cold. 

Not to mention, direct heat from their hands causes Freezies to melt much faster – resulting in a sticky, messy puddle on the floor. A cozy can keep Freezies from melting too fast and absorbs any drips.

The best part about Freezie cozies is that they’re reusable, washable, reversible, and completely customizable. When you make your own cozies at home, the design is totally up to you and your toddler!

What Materials Do You Need For A Freezie Cozy?

You don’t need to go to the store to create a Freezie cozy. You can use any old fabric you have lying around the house, as long as it’s thick enough to keep your kid’s hands safe. 

To make a Freezie cozy, you need the following materials:

  • Some cotton flannel fabric
  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • A few fabric markers
  • A sewing kit with thread and needles
  • Optional sewing pins

How Do You Sew A Freezie Cozy?

This quick fix is so easy to make, you can even have your kid help you out as part of a fun arts and crafts project! We guarantee that kids will have a blast creating their own designs once you’ve finished putting the cozies together. 

Making a Freezie cozy is super easy to do by hand or with the help of a sewing machine. Either way, it takes only a few minutes to complete. Once you’ve gathered everything you need, just follow these simple steps!

Step One: Make Your Measurements

First, you have to measure each piece of fabric. Use fabric markers to outline a rectangle on the wrong side of the fabric (the side without the pattern). Use the following dimensions:

  • Height: 22 inches
  • Width: 3 inches

You can draw as many as you can to make the most out of your fabric. If you’re working with thinner types of fabric, double or triple the layers. This will make them thicker and more resistant to colder temperatures.

Step Two: Cut The Fabric Into Rectangles

Cut each marked piece of fabric into rectangular shapes. Do your best to cut them straight so they come out looking nice and even! 

Step Three: Fold The Fabric From The Short Ends And Pin Them Together

Before you start, make sure the wrong side of the fabric is facing up at you. This hides any unsightly stitches and imperfections when you turn the cozy inside out. 

Next, fold the short sides into ¼ or ½-inch seams. Don’t forget to leave at least 2 inches worth of space in the middle to hold the Freezie! 

Then, hold the edges down with pins and secure them in place.

Step Four: Sew The Short And Long Ends Of The Fabric Together

Sew the folded seams first. Then, fold the entire strip of fabric in half lengthwise and sew the long sides together. Finally, turn the entire cozy inside out to reveal the outer portion of the fabric. 

Voila! You have made your first Freezie cozy. If you’re making several pieces, just repeat the steps until you’ve used up all your materials.

Step Five: Decorate Freezie Cozy

Once you’ve completed your cozies, you can decorate and customize them with fabric markers. Turn it into a fun hands-on activity with your kids! Of course, if you’re happy with your fabric’s original design, you can skip this step and start using it immediately.

Bonus Step: Crocheting A Freezie Cozy

If sewing isn’t your forte, you can easily crochet a freezie cozy from scratch. Just follow the same dimensions. You can also find other sleeve patterns online to help you create a cute crochet cozy. Just make sure to choose thicker types of yarn so that it keeps the cold in while providing enough warmth for your kid’s hands!

Keep Your Kid’s Warm And Fuzzy With Freezie Cozies

Cozies let your little ones savour every second of their ice-cold frozen treats without worrying about cold hands. Plus, making Freezies is a fun activity that can help you bond with your kids and encourage their creativity. If you’re looking for a fun treat to enjoy with your little one, stock up on a few boxes of Freezies today!