Freezies Not in Your Store Year-Round? Here’s Why and What to Do

Insider Insight: Why Is There an Uneven Number of Flavours in the Box?

How do we decide what flavours are in the box?

Humans are a curious bunch of people. We love to know how and why stuff works.

Our ancestors have been tinkering and exploring for centuries. It’s why we have created so many cool things.

How did we ever figure out that fire would be so useful?

And what did we do with fire? We changed the way we eat and grow food forever.

What about possibly the most critical innovation in history? The computer. Our ability to store and figure out information will never be the same.

We here at Kisko have done some exploring and tinkering of our own.

Do you remember the famous Sno Cone? That delicious treat of your favorite flavour mixed with the cold and refreshing crushed ice? It’s been one of our favorites for many decades!

Well, Kisko took that tasty pastime and made it even more convenient. We made individual and portable versions with our Freezies. Now, for more than four decades, you have been enjoying our rendition of the most flavourful ice treats in the world!

We know how curious you are. Maybe you’ve always wondered why the various flavours in the box aren’t distributed equally?

You’re being a good ancestor by asking questions and exploring for insight.

And we have the answer for you! Check out all the details below.

How it all works out

So, you may have noticed. Our freeze pop bags DO NOT all have an even number of each flavour. We would love to put as many of all the flavours in every box. But life has it’s limitations, right?

The machines that run our products are as different as the flavours that go into each case pack. There may be less of some flavours and more of others. And this depends on the number of tubes running across the web on our machines.

This happens because there are some flavours that we duplicate and others that we don’t. If you're into math, look at it like this. For example, one of our machines runs nine tubes handling six flavours. So, all six get run once, and three flavours get run twice. The more times a flavour gets run, the more often it will be in the box that comes to you.

That’s simple enough math, right?

Well, it gets a little more complicated because some of our machines run ten tubes instead of nine. The machine we use—nine or ten tubes—depends on how many freezies are going into the box. As you probably already know, you can get freezies in different size boxes.

But how do we decide on which flavours get duplicated or run twice on the machine?

We’re glad you asked.

Over our many years in this business, it has become clear that some flavours are the most popular. To date, the most popular flavours are cherry, blue raspberry, and cream soda. With extra portions of the most popular flavours, the boxes never end up having the same amount.

A few closing thoughts

So, what’s your favorite flavour?

Kisko is run by a tight-knit family, and we all really love the cream soda. But maybe you're more of a blue raspberry or cherry kind of person. We love all our flavors, and we love bringing you information about them!

Stay curious and keep asking questions. And we will keep bringing all the fun info on our timeless freeze pops.

It has been our honor to find a way to make more freezies available for more people to enjoy. And we never sacrifice the love and dedication we have had since day one.  

Your friends here at Kisko are happy to keep providing your family and friends with a time-honored and cherished memory in our frozen and fruit treats.