Freezies Not in Your Store Year-Round? Here’s Why and What to Do

Freezies Not in Your Store Year-Round? Here’s Why and What to Do

Why are Freezies not sold in stores year round?

We have shifted into the winter season again. And the local stores have stopped carrying your favorite Kisko freezie.

But your cravings for a delicious freezie pop haven’t gone away, right? A little cold weather doesn’t change how you feel about your frozen treat.

If anything, you want to hold onto that summer feeling while it's cold or snowy outside. And we couldn't agree more!

So, why can’t you get freezies in the stores all year? Or how can you find freezies regardless of the season?

We provide an understanding about what’s going on and what you can do to ensure your freezies are available whenever you want them.   

What’s all this talk of seasonal items? 

You are probably familiar with seasonal items—even if you don’t know it. A seasonal item refers to products that sell better in one season than they do in another season.

For example, certain products sell more during the winter, whereas other products sell more during the summer. But there are many different types of “seasons.”  

What are some examples?

  • Holiday Seasons. You’re probably familiar with the obvious holiday season products. Christmas trees and lights. Decorations for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Costumes are one of the most seasonal products on the market—mainly purchased in the weeks or months before Halloween. 

Food can also be associated with the holiday season. Turkeys and hams, for example, are never more popular in the year than they are around the winter holidays. Even wine sells differently throughout the year. White wines dominate the summer, while full-bodied reds are more prevalent during the winter.

  • Fashion Seasons. This is a pretty obvious one as well, but we may not think about it too often. Clothing is very seasonal. Stores will have a more challenging time selling lots of heavy coats during the hot summer days. And sales of swimsuits during the winter can also see a decline.

Accessories are impacted by the season, too. In winter, hats, scarves, gloves, and boots will sell more. But in the summer, stores see an uptick in sales on sunglasses, sandals, or caps.

So, what about Kisko?

Well, Kisko Freezies have been categorized as a “summer item.” Because of this, stores believe they won’t sell as many frozen snacks during the fall and winter as they do in the summer.

Stores associate cold treats with warm weather. The result is that they stop carrying your favorite freezies when it starts to get chillier outside.

But we know how much we love our freezies all year round!

Freezies are just as great on a summer day as they are on a winter night around a warm fireplace. You want something fresh and fruity as much when it’s cold outside as you do sitting around the pool during the summer.

We are with you. That’s why we have some suggestions on what you can do to keep freezies in the store all year.

How can I help keep freezies in my store year-round?

This is a great question. And we’re so glad you asked it.

Speak with your local grocer

We all have a local grocery store—or two or more. Grocery managers are ready and eager to hear about their customer’s interests.

Visit your local store and place a request that Kisko Freezies are stocked regardless of the season. Let the management know that your cravings for frozen ice treats aren't limited to the summer.

They sell ice cream all year, right? So, why would freezies be any different???

Create a petition

Online petitions are a powerful way to make your voice heard and support change. You can easily create an petition online to help keep our beloved freezies in stores all year round.

Creating a petition will help ensure that you’re never without the chance to get your hands on your favorite freezie flavors whenever you like!

Buy online

You can also make your voice heard with your (digital) wallet. One way to show retailers that we like our freezies all the time is to continue making purchases online—throughout the year.

Eventually, your local stores will notice the trend that freezies don’t lose their appeal in the fall and winter months.

And we can help you find your preferred freezies online. Check out the options below.

Where can you find your freezies online?


We keep our freezies available all year, with select options from our online store.

You’ll find freezies from Mrs. J’s Natural, Mr. Freeze, Welch’s, and Mott’s!

Even more options

You can also find our freezies at Well.ca, Amazon, TheSmartShopOnline, Staples, Walmart.ca, Vegansupply.ca, Spinneys.com, or Officedepot.com.

Final thoughts

So, you have the whole story now. And there’s plenty you can do to make a change.

We are totally dedicated to keeping freezies in stores all year. But we need your help!

At Kisko, we love our freezies as much as you do—whether summer, winter or sometime in between. We want you to enjoy these timeless treats regardless of the season.