3 Ways Freezies Can Help With A Toddler’s Motor Skills

3 Ways Freezies Can Help With A Toddler’s Motor Skills

Refining Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills: 3 Ways To Have Fun With Freezies

Toddlers are always looking for fun ways to experience the world around them. From running to jumping to eating to playing, every activity gives them an opportunity to learn something new. 

Kids especially love hands-on activities that involve touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste! These activities stimulate their senses while also supporting their physical, mental, and emotional development. The more your little ones explore, the more they develop their gross, cognitive, and fine motor skills – all of which are essential to becoming self-sufficient and sociable adults.

In this blog post we’re going to outline some important fine motor skills for young children and we’re going to share three great ways that Freezies can help toddlers develop those skills.

Essential Skills For Developing Toddlers

If you want your child to grow up strong and independent, they need to practice:

  • Gripping
  • Moving their fingers
  • Forming sounds or singing
  • Pulling apart objects
  • Folding paper or fabric
  • Sticking items together
  • Dancing to music
  • Drawing or painting

Playing with popsicle sticks, playdough, or arts and crafts materials are great tools for muscle and memory-building. But who says learning can’t be delicious, too? 

Our Kisko Kid Freezies are perfect for toddlers who need to practice their hand-eye coordination while having tons of fun!

Three Ways To Help Your Toddler Improve Their Fine Motor Skills

YES! Our Freezies are colourful, flavourful, and shaped into kid-friendly packets – cool to look at, but even cooler to play with. Fine motor skills are crucial during the crucial developmental stages of childhood, so it’s important to give kids the tools they need to interact with their world. 

Thanks to our Freezies’ eye-catching colours, playful textures, and fruity flavours, your kid can use all of their senses to learn...and enjoy yummy desserts in the process! 

Here are 3 of the best ways Freezies can refine a toddler’s fine motor skills.

1. Making Shapes With Freezie Tubes

Freezie tubes are perfect for inspiring your toddler’s creativity! Even when they’re fresh out of the freezer, they’re easy to bend into any shape imaginable. Here are some suggestions on how to have fun with your Freezie:

  • Teach your toddler how to fold them into different letters of the alphabet while singing along to their ABC’s.
  • Show your child how to form numbers by connecting multiple Freezies together.
  • Help kids copy simple everyday objects by combining and stacking Freezies into different geometric shapes.

Toddlers will enjoy squishing, pulling, holding, and twisting each Freezie for hours on end – helping them gain much more control over their movements.

And the best part? They can eat their Freezies when it’s all over! 

2. Identifying And Sorting Freezies By Colour

It’s easy to catch a toddler’s attention with Freezies’ bright and eye-catching colours. And once you’ve caught their eye, you have a great opportunity for interactive and educational learning. Whenever you ask your toddler what colour treat they want, you’re developing their ability to translate their visual reality into words. 

With the help of our colourful, flavourful, and fun-filled Freezies, you can:

  • Quickly teach your child how to tell one colour from the next with a memorization game.
  • Create “contests” where each kid has to arrange the Freezies by colour. Fastest wins!
  • Set up coloured boxes next to each other, then get your child to shoot same-coloured Freezies inside the right box!

These activities are a great way to stimulate their thinking and motor skills regularly. By the time your kids reach the age of two or three, they should be able to name (and taste) all the colours of the rainbow!

3. Painting With Freezies

Nothing develops a kid’s fine motor skills more than making art! If your child enjoys drawing with crayons or painting with watercolours, you can actually use melted Freezies as painting materials instead.

Think of an entire box of Freezies as their artist palette! Encourage your little one to use their fingers to create fun squiggly lines, shapes, or handprints on paper. By the end of it, they’ll get to admire their works of art while eating the rest of the Freezies.

Kisko Freezies | Fresh Snacks For All Ages

Once toddlers develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, they’ll be more curious, more independent, and more able to take care of themselves – even when the adults aren’t around. Now that’s what we call a cool kid!

Kisko Kids Freezies makes it a breeze to unleash your child’s full potential. Our fun, flavourful Freezies aren’t just tasty snacks – they encourage thoughtful play, mental development, and physical growth. 

Every box comes in a variety of vibrant hues and flavours that no toddler will be able to resist. No matter what product you choose, we guarantee your kids will love shaping, bending, stacking, squeezing, and eating every juicy packet of Freezies.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up, and order a few boxes of our most popular Freezies today!