What do you take with you on days when you're out for an adventure?

The Kisko brand and its refreshing products have been accompanying adventures of families all across North America since 1977!

This proud family-run business began its story in Jamaica over 50 years ago. It has since traversed the oceans and become part of the summer narratives of families in Canada and the rest of North America. Today, Kisko is known as the largest freeze pop manufacturer in Canada.

Behind the well-loved brand that has become the ultimate summer essential is a team that constantly strives to produce the best-quality freezies in the market. All our products are free of the top 10 allergens because everyone should be able to enjoy the coolness of freeze pops!

Providing 100% customer satisfaction is what Kisko is truly known for. From Kisko’s harmonious work environment where every employee is treated like family to the loyal customers who find joy in our products, we're here to continue a never-ending cycle of happiness. You love freezies — and we love creating them just as much!

Life's little moments and fun memories become a little sweeter and cooler when you snack on a freezie! So whether you're spending a summer's day at the beach, or enjoying a nice picnic in the park, don’t forget to pack those Kisko freeze pops to complete your day!

There’s no need to wonder anymore what to take with you on days when you're out for an adventure to remember. Kisko’s Tropics Giant Freezies and Nice ‘N Juicy Freeze Pops are the keys to staying cool every single summer. This is how you create picture-perfect moments during the warmest season of the year — memories that will be frozen in history as your favourite ones ever!


How many of your favourite childhood memories involved a delicious freezie?

If you needed to beat the summer heat, there was always one ultimate solution — Keep it Kool with Kisko!

Staying cool with the refreshing flavours of Kisko freezies will always be unforgettable. Whether your favourite was Pineapple Punch, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Cream Soda, or Orange Creme, summer just wasn't the same without these mouthwatering freeze pops!

There was nothing quite like the excitement of mom and dad bringing you home a pack of Kisko freezies, or how you and your childhood friends would grab freeze pops after a fun day of playing outside! Kisko was a part of your childhood #KiskoKid. It’s an endearing family tradition that's being passed on from generation to generation.

Now, it's time to make epic memories with your own children with Kisko Kids Freezies and Kisko Kids Sours! These Kisko freezies are made in a smaller size that is perfect for kids — it has a small size with big taste! You'll ove to know that all our products are free of the top 10 allergens. They're free of peanuts, gluten, milk, egg, Soy, sesame and tree nuts.

If you've loved the classic Kisko Kids Freezies all along, then you'll love our new twist to the delicious treat. With Kisko Kids Sours, everyone will get a kick out of its delectable mix of sweet and sour. Whether you're fond of Lime, Grape, Cherry, or orange, just pick your sour to complete you summer!

You're never too old to enjoy the coolness of a Kisko freezie! Kisko Kids products were created with kids in mind — but are for people of all ages to enjoy. So whether you're looking for a tasty snack for the kids or the young at heart, you'll find the perfect freezie right here from Kisko Kids!

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