7 Entertaining (and Useful) Things to Do with Your Freezie

7 Entertaining (and Useful) Things to Do with Your Freezie

7 things to do with freezie pops


1. Play games 

This is one of our favorite options for freezies. It may not have been the first thing you thought of when you were choosing your freezie…but they are great for games! 

Chugging contest. Yep, you guessed it, freezies make for a great speed competition. 

Who can down their freezie the fastest? Only the test will reveal the truth. 

Brain freeze is a real risk here. But it's totally worth it for the sake of the game. 

Swords. This is a non-violent option, we assure. Before you crack open your freezie pop, challenge your friend or sibling to a duel. 

It is highly recommended to use any and all sound effects while clanging your frozen sabers. 

2. Drink it 

Perhaps you got the idea for a freezie snack in a busy moment. You get distracted. We have all been there. And your frozen treat has melted a little. 

It's still alright! 

Let that pop melt all the way and pour it into a glass. We assure you that these treats are just as tasty if you decide you’re up for a short drink instead.  

3. Cool off 

Sooooo…the majority of us don’t usually think of our snacks as a cooling device. 

But what do you put on a sore shoulder or swollen eye? A frozen steak or bag of peas. Correct.  

Why not use your freezie similarly? 

Say you're enjoying your pop on a warm summer day. Apply a closed freezie to your neck and let it help you cool down a tad before you enjoy the fruit of its deliciousness.  

4. Add it to something 

By ‘something,' we really like adding it to our lemonade or a smoothie.  

But let your imagination run wild. What do you think would be made better by mixing in one of our many flavors of freezies?

We like taking our lemonade to the next levels. 

How about a raspberry or blueberry version? Just open up your freezie flavor of choice and stir it into your favorite lemonade. We promise you won’t regret it. 

Or maybe your smoothie could use an extra kick? Just toss in a freezie before blending. 

5. Blind taste test 

It’s time to put those taste buds to work. We have dozens of flavors for our freezies, and you can host your very own blind taste test.  

Simply decide on a selection of flavors. We recommend about five at a time. Gather some friends or children. Make sure no one can see the flavors they’re trying. And see who gets the most correct. 

You can even offer combo packs or some of our other fruit snacks as prizes to the winner.   

6. Active lifestyles 

Yep, we also have freezies for exercise and sports.  

Mr. Freeze Electroice Sport. rehydrates and replenishes the much-needed water and sweat that is lost while doing physical activities. Recharge your body while recharging your taste buds.  

7. Cooking competition 

We think we may have saved the best for last. This is for your extra adventurous people out there. It is where you can genuinely get bold. Really stretch your imagination. 

Try using a freezie as a mystery ingredient.  

See what dishes you can come up with while incorporating one of our huge selections of flavors. Maybe you use the freezie as a juice for a gorgeous dessert. Or perhaps you marinate a pork roast using an apple or orange flavor.  

But we don’t want to give away too many ideas. This is your activity to explore. Discover where your creativity will take you.  

Get started with any of these ideas (or come up with your own) by visiting us at Kisko today.