Where to Shop for Freezies (No Matter the Season)

Where to Shop for Freezies (No Matter the Season)

The season is shifting again. Like it tends to do.

If you’re anything like us, though, the craving for a delicious freezie will stay with you throughout the year. But it can be challenging to find our favorite frozen snacks in stores for this season.

There are still many, many (many) places you can stock up on your preferred pop.

We have various stores—with links!—to help curb those cravings all year round.

Where can you (still) find your freezies?

Check out all the places you can still find and purchase the most fantastic freezies on the planet.  


We have our own shop!

While local stores may not be carrying some of our best freezies for the season, you can still pick up select options from our online store

Kisko is a proud family-run business—for more than 40 years. We have been doing frozen snacks (and plenty of other treats) for a LONG time. Our company was even the first to introduce Sno Cones to Jamaica—our original home—in 1968.

Since then, the family has settled in Ontario, Canada. Our acquisition of iconic national brand Mr. Freeze has made us the largest freeze pop manufacturer in Canada.

With great pride and excitement, we can allow you to purchase freeze pops from top brands on our website.

You’ll find freezies in our shop from Mrs. J’s Natural, Mr. Freeze, Welch’s, and Mott’s!


We love our partnership with Well.ca. And you can still purchase pops with them!

Well.ca believes in health, wellness, green and natural products—plus a whole lot more. They offer carefully curated and peer-reviewed products. And they are available online, delivered right to your door.

Customers love their easy to shop website and a broad range of products conveniently accessible to Canadians.

The company is Canada’s largest provider of green and natural brands that you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a familiar brand or you want to try something new or greener, Well.ca is passionate about providing the best products and services.

Check out their selection of our Kisko products today!


Amazon has proven to be a reliable source for many products—regardless of the season.

Based out of Washington, USA, Amazon has grown into a multinational company with a wide-reaching span of services and resources.

And they do e-commerce really well. Which means that you can find plenty of our most trusted brands and keep getting your fill of freezies year-round.

Stock can be hard to guarantee since Amazon hosts a variety of purveyors. But you can still reliably find the best of our offerings from Welch’s and Mr. Freeze

You can also discover Kisko Kids and various other Kisko products by just typing the name into the search bar.


Commonly associated with office and work supplies, Staples is a dependable source for your freezies, too!

Staples has grown into a resource for finding better ways to get the job done—even when it means satisfying your cravings for a freezie. The company provides solutions in business essentials, technology, furniture, print, and so much more. 

Check out their site to get your hands on our Kisko Giant and Kisko Tropical options.

And did we mention that Staples offers FREE DELIVERY? Well, they do!


Regardless of the season or time of year, we are always craving our Welch’s Lemonade Giant Freeze Pops.

TheSmartShopOnline has all sorts of products—from food and grocery to beauty, pet, sports supplies, and a whole bunch of other stuff. And, yes, our Welch’s lemonade freezies! 

For the more technologically inclined, TheSmartShopOnline not only accepts credit, but you can also buy our freezies with bitcoins!

Go find your freezies

At Kisko, we love our freezies as much as you do—whether summer, winter, or sometime in between. We want to enjoy these timeless treats regardless of the season.

So, if you are struggling to find our freezies in the local store, you can always start with our website, then continue on to others for further options.

In addition to those listed above, you can also commonly find our freezies at Walmart.ca, Vegansupply.ca, Spinneys.com, or Officedepot.com.

From fruit snacks to your favorite freezies, check out all the delicious ways Kisko can help you satisfy your cravings for a great treat—all year round!