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Kisko Freezies Joins Forces with Scientists in School to Support Children's Workshops


Looking at Liquids Workshop Featured Kisko's Freezies

Kisko is proud to support Scientists in School, a leading science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) charity that ignites scientific curiosity in children and youth in Canada. Since 2017, Kisko has generously donated 10,600 freezies to Scientists in School, with an additional 4,480 freezies provided to the charity at discount for use in their workshop, Looking at Liquids.

In this hands-on, highly investigative workshop, students discover how to freeze a liquid. Students create the experimental conditions necessary to freeze a solution of sugar, food colouring and water. They observe the resulting changes in appearance and physical properties. Students love the freezie experiment and often say it’s their favourite from the workshop! 

About Scientist in Schools

In a regular school year, Scientists in School inspires over 700,000 children to explore the wonder of STEM through half-day workshops where science comes to life through hands-on investigations. Sparking curiosity and confidence in children so that they all feel empowered to say, “I can be a scientist!” is at the core of every Scientists in School workshop. After 31 years and more than 10 million children inspired, the charity is now delivering their workshops virtually due to COVID-19. All of the highly investigative activities you expect, delivered safely and seamlessly to your classroom or home! To learn more, visit www.scientistsinschool.ca.

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