Truth About Freezie Flavours

The Truth About Freezie Flavours: Why Can’t I Buy A Single Flavoured Box?

Flavour Galore: Why Can’t I Buy A Single Flavoured Box Of Freezies?

Have you always wondered why Freezies come in an assortment of flavours? You aren’t alone. Plenty of our customers ask us why they can’t buy a single-flavoured box of Freezies anywhere! So, if you’re searching for answers, you’ve come to the right place.

The simple truth is, we believe diversity is way more fun than having too much of the same thing. Why stick to just one flavour when you can taste ALL the colours of the rainbow? 

At Kisko Freezies, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to keep your taste buds satisfied! That means switching things up with a spectrum of flavours for everyone in the family. 

Why else do we pack loads of flavours into every box? Keep reading to find out.

Top 4 Reasons You Can’t Buy A Single Flavoured Box Of Freezies

When you buy a box of Freezies, you’re getting an adventure in a box every single time! We pack our boxes with an assortment of flavours so you can live life to the fullest. 

If you’re not convinced yet, here are 4 reasons you can’t buy a single-flavoured box of Freezies:

Because More Is Merrier

There’s nothing worse than digging into a box of Freezies with the same exact flavours. Can you imagine how boring it would be to have only one Freezie flavour every day

It may sound cliche, but the more, the merrier! At Kisko, we believe that variety is the spice of life. That’s why we make sure to pack at least 3 flavours in every box so you never run out of surprises.

Because Sharing Is Caring

If you could buy only your favourite Freezie flavour, you’d be forgetting the most important thing: Freezies are meant to be shared with friends and family! Different people have different go-to flavours, and a multi-flavoured-box guarantees that there’s something for everyone. 

Having a bunch of flavours means you can share with anyone that visits your house. Freezies are always a huge hit at family gatherings, sleepovers, swimming parties, and birthdays! You’ll be the life of the party for sure.

Because Every Flavour Is Delicious

You might already have your favourite Freezie flavour, but why not try everything else? You might surprise yourself by finding a new favourite! At Kisko, we create our Freezie flavours hoping it’ll encourage everyone to try our other delicious offerings.

Because let’s be honest – all Kisko Freezies are delicious! Even if you have personal flavour preferences, we guarantee that every flavour is worth a shot. Some of them might even start to grow on you! That’s just how GOOD they are.

Every flavour has a unique taste, each of them equally addicting! Trust us, we’ve been satisfying everyone’s sweet cravings for 40 years and counting. All our flavours are made with our customers’ happiness in mind, and we make sure every box is packed with pleasant surprises. Whether you’re young or old, Freezies will keep you guessing and bring out the inner child in everyone.

Because Trying New Flavours Is Fun

You might notice that when you eat the same flavours over and over again, you start enjoying it less. This is because our taste buds are always looking for new, exciting things to try! Having more Freezie flavours equals more fun, and it encourages our customers to, err, eat outside the box. The more new things you try, the more exciting life becomes!

Why stick to what you already know when there’s a world of flavour waiting to be discovered? At Kisko, we believe that trying something new builds character. Do yourself a flavourful favour by experimenting with something you’ve never tasted before! 

Besides being delicious, our Freezies are super healthy too! Whether you’re watching your sugar, cutting back on gluten, or living an organic lifestyle, we encourage healthy living with our fun and refreshing Freezies! 

Our Freezie Flavours Will Never Let You Down

At Kisko, we’re committed to delivering the best quality freeze pops. That means we never sell a flavour we don’t like! 

Our commitment to flavour is what makes us the country’s leading manufacturer of everyone’s favourite Freezies. We promise nothing but the tastiest and healthiest fruit snacks ever.

Feeling nostalgic? Satisfy your sweet tooth with all-time classics like blue raspberry, grape, orange, cream soda! Craving for something new and fresh? Indulge in our watermelon, key lime, pineapple, or cherry flavours for a change. Try our products, and we guarantee you’ll become a multi-flavour fiend in no time!

We offer customers an amazing selection of flavours with our Mr. Freeze, Mrs. J’s, Welch’s, Mott’s, and Kisko Freezies. Stock up on any of our products, and jump into your fun flavour adventure today!