6 Massive Health Benefits from the Mango

6 Massive Health Benefits from the Mango


We like to think of the mango as the pearl of fruits.

It’s glossy skin glimmers with a variety of shiny colors. You'll be taken by the lustrous shimmer of colors from green and orange to red and yellow.

These pearly fruits taste as beautiful as they look. Some say mango is like apricot, peach, and pineapple all rolled into one gorgeous package. The golden flesh of a mango is sweet, fresh, and tropical—perfect on their own or mixed with other flavors.  

Mangoes are also one of the most traveled fruits in the world. With their origins in South Asia, they are now cultivated all across the globe. And for good reasons.

This golden nugget of fruit has gained worldwide popularity not just for its incredible taste but for its striking health benefits as well. 

You might start imaging how Mrs. J’s Strawberry Mango Juice Pops can help you see the world with better vision. Or how your skin might glow a little brighter when you eat them. You might even be able to battle cancer or the common cold with these tropical delights!

But cancer-fighting, age-defying fruits, you say? Yup.

Just check out the list below for more details on these extraordinary claims about mangoes' health benefits.

Top Six Health Benefits of the Mango

1. Good for the gut

Once you’ve stopped gawking over the beauty of this fruit, you can help your stomach and digestive tract along. Mangoes can help support healthy digestion!

They accomplish this remarkable feat in two ways. First, mangoes have enzymes that help process protein. This is great for exercise because your body needs protein to recover from a workout.

Even more, the fiber in this fruit keeps the digestive track running as efficiently as an Olympic track star.

So, do your digestion a favor by packing in the mango magic with Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops with, you guessed it, real mango juice!     

2. Feel fancifully full

Are you looking for a little assistance with weight loss? You might consider the mango. A small portion of this fruit is packed with a healthy dose of fiber.

And what does fiber do? Well, it helps make you feel fuller for a longer time. You can curb your appetite by enjoying a cup of mangoes or a couple of your favorite Mrs. J’s Juice Pops.

Even better, these juice pops are natural and organic. And it turns out that real fruit in your juice is great for your health!

3. Fruit for your youth

Wanna keep your hair and skin healthy and bright? Turn to your shiny friend in the mango!

Turns out that our skin and hair really like vitamins. And mangoes are filled with two essential nutrients—vitamin C and vitamin A. These extravagant fruits can even assist in exfoliating and eliminating dead pores.

No, you don’t have to rub a juice pop into your skin or hair to enjoy the benefits! Just eating a good portion of mango will do the trick.

So, enjoy a juice pop for age-defying glory!

4. Vision for miles

Ok, so we may not have officially tested the exact distance that mangoes will help you see. And it’s most likely not miles. But eating these delicious gems does promote eye health!

There is a strapping antioxidant in mangoes called beta-carotene. That’s a long word to say that it helps produce more vitamin A. And since we already know we like vitamin A for our hair and skin, it makes sense that it also helps our eyes.

In other words, enjoy generous doses of mangoes to help your eyes stay healthy and avoid vision loss.

It’s clear to see the magic in the mango!

5. Cancel the cough

The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us again. But if you have some mango treats, you might be safer this time around.

Our immunity system is critical in fending off a cold or flu, and other sicknesses.

We are all familiar with the power of vitamin C. But what you may not have known is that the average mango has nearly two-thirds of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C!

So, with the cold and flu season aglow, don’t waste any time getting your mango!

6. Done with disease

We mentioned it to you at the beginning, but we saved the mango's greatest superpower for last. What better way to close out a list of health benefits than to fight cancer?!

Remember the beta-carotene that will benefit your vision? Well, it does more! Foods with carotenoids have been found to reduce certain types of cancers—like colon and skin cancers.

With a better immune system (see above), your body will also be better at fighting off all kinds of diseases.

Now, you can enjoy a mango juice pop from Mrs. J’s with even more peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Your friends here at Kisko are huge fans of mangoes and their contributions to our health.

Our list is a good starter, but there are even more benefits from the mighty mango than we have included here.

That’s why we love providing you with Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops—especially our Strawberry Mango blend.

You’ll have a blast exploring all the options for mango and other real fruit snacks that bring you the best health benefits.