Mrs. J's Organic Fruit Snacks

How do you like to enjoy your fruit snack? We have three exciting ways to treat yourself!

You can stretch or roll out our organic fruit strip snacks.

Or you can enjoy a tasty burst of flavor with our organic fruit nugget treat.

And our organic 3D Jungle Pals even come in a variety of beautiful animal-shaped gummies for mouthwatering fun.

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Mrs. J's Story

As a mom and grandmother, Mrs. J was always searching to find great snacks for her family. Nothing was healthy or tasty enough for her deliciously high standards.

This passion led to the creation of the Mrs. J’s Natural brand. Her goal is to provide fun snacks for the entire family without compromising quality or taste.

Natural Fruit Snacks

We take natural flavours seriously. Our gummy candy is made with real fruit purees—from juice concentrate that packs in taste.

Organic Ingredients

Providing the highest quality treat means ensuring each of the ingredients in our natural fruit snacks are all organic. Nothing is artificial. Everything in these gummy treats is real—and really tasty!

Gluten Free

We understand the importance of ensuring the snacks we enjoy are healthy for us. Each of our gummy candy delights is entirely free of any gluten products.

No Preservatives or Artificial Colours

Natural also means that our delicious fruit gummy treats contain no preservatives and no artificial colours.

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Great Taste, Great Variety, Great Fun!

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