Top 6 Reasons Freezies Make the Perfect Halloween Treat

Top 6 Reasons Freezies Make the Perfect Halloween Treat

It’s that time of year again. Halloween! A holiday that strikes excitement in adults as much as the kids.

For some, the celebrations have already started. Our local stores are adorned with pumpkins and fall colors. The neighbor’s yard is suddenly filled with ghosts, witches, and scary skeletons.

Maybe you’ve already encountered one of those creepy doormats that let out a terrifying scream when you step on it.

As long as you survived the daunting doormat, you’re gearing up for all the Halloween fun.

We wanted to share some of the top reasons why freezies have been a perfect Halloween treat for many years.

6 Reasons Freezies are the Perfect Halloween Treat

Do your traditions include carving pumpkins? Maybe designing a great costume? Or do you bob for apples and play pranks?

No matter your tradition, everybody looks forward to the treats. From trick-or-treating to dinners and bonfires, Halloween is defined by its presence of delicious treats like few other holidays.

And we have a list of top reasons our freezies make for the perfect Halloween treat!

1. All-ages

We have been in the freezie game for a long time. Our freezies have been with us for multiple generations now. They were the perfect snack when we were growing up, and they are still fantastic today.

In other words, freezies are the all-ages snack.

You already know that you love them. And you love how the memories they conjure. A freezie takes you back to simpler days. But they are also a part of how you make new memories.

You also love watching your kid's eyes light up, and the smile stretching across their faces when they crack open that freezie pop.

So, for this Halloween, go with the treat that is perfect for all ages and generations. Remember the past while embracing the present and looking toward the future.

2. Flavors for the season

Freezies fit your favorite flavors. The fall harkens the classic flavors of fresh apple, tangy oranges, ripe grapes, plump blueberries, and so many more.

Finding the right flavors to pair with the season is a beautiful pastime we all love embracing. We welcome a little extra sweetness for the Halloween season. And we love the comfort of flavors that reminds us of family, home, and friends.

Our Kisko freezies are perfectly suited to meet a wide variety of your favorite flavor traditions.

3. Options for less sugar

There’s little doubt you will get your fill of sweet treats during the Halloween season. And we love the delight of a sugary snack as much as the next person.

But sometimes you want to cut back a little on the sugar, so you and the kids don’t overdo it.

Well, we got you there! If you’re looking for some perfect treats that take it easy on the sugar, you’ll love our Mr. Freeze Jumbo Lite freezies.

Find that perfect balance for your Halloween this year.

4. Allergen-free

This is a big one when it comes to Halloween treats and trick-or-treating. Everybody has different sensitivities to allergens. And there can be a whole bunch of different trick-or-treaters knocking on your door this year.

It’s essential to offer a treat that keeps everyone's allergies in mind.

That’s why we make all of our products free of the major allergens (as well as being kosher). Our products are made without peanuts, gluten, milk, egg, soy, sesame, and tree nuts.

Enjoy a Halloween treat without the worry of allergens!

5. All-natural and organic options

We have all been there. A trick-or-treater comes to your door and says, “Trick-or-treat…but only organic snacks, please!"

Ok, so maybe we haven't ALL been there. Or perhaps no one. But that doesn't mean we can't start a trend!

There are a lot of fun treats that come along with Halloween. And what if we could add allnatural and organic to that list of delicious ingredients?

Well, you can!

Mrs. J’s Natural Organic Juice Pops are a perfect and tasty way to diversify your Halloween treats this year.

6. Hydration on the move

Maybe you have one of those extra energetic trick-or-treaters in your family—always begging to hit just one more house.

Before you know it, you’ve put in more steps on Halloween than the past week combined. And you need some hydration along the way. We also know how excited our kids get to tear into their snacks when they get home.

But what if there was the perfect treat for all that Halloween walking?

Everybody in the family can hydrate and enjoy a snack along the way with our specially designed Mr. Freeze Electroice Sport freezie!

Fuel those steps you’re getting in and satisfy the kid’s interest to enjoy a perfect Halloween treat on your neighborhood journey.

A few closing thoughts

Kisko has been around to celebrate many Halloween events over the decades. This has given us plenty of time to perfect the ideal Halloween treat.

Have fun exploring all the options we have for flavors, fun, and freezies—while making this Halloween safe and fantastic for everyone.