Are Your Holiday Plans Looking Different This Year? We Have Some Festive Ideas

Are Your Holiday Plans Looking Different This Year? We Have Some Festive Ideas

Things have been a little different in 2020. And we know that’s an understatement. This year has been A LOT different.

But the challenges and changes have presented opportunities to offer us perspective and stretch our imaginations. We are coming up with new ways to find humor in difficult times while also staying connected to our loved ones in unique circumstances.

Our vocabulary has expanded to include fancy terms like ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ and unprecedented use of the word 'unprecedented.

We are all more technologically advanced with video calls, social media, and masks.

Not to mention, our event planning has taken on new levels of creativity.

As we head into the festive season, you might be bending your mind to come up with ideas to celebrate holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving in safe ways or on a smaller scale.

And we wanted to jump in on that creative fun. We decided to share some ideas on holding alternative or smaller events this festive season.

Festive Ideas for the Holiday Season

You might be gathering in fewer numbers this year to keep things as safe as possible for everyone involved. Maybe you have decided not to travel home as an extra precaution. Or perhaps you’re planning your first virtual holiday event with family and friends.

We do recommend checking with your local authorities for their recommendations on gatherings. It might be safer to hold a small event on the patio or keep your gathering to those who live in the same household. But local guidelines will help determine a route that will keep everyone you love happy, healthy, and safe.

Now, to the festive fun stuff!   


This one applies to small gatherings or virtual events. But it might be even more critical for those virtual events.

Whether in-person or online, sometimes the conversation can lull. Having a few game options prepared will keep things lively and engaging.

Charades is an excellent option for keeping up the energy. You can divide into two teams and keep the life of the party going with this timeless classic, whether you’re drawing out images or acting out a favorite topic. And it’s especially well-suited to smaller groups or having fun on your video call!

We also came up with a few freezie pop games in one of our other posts. There’s an option that will work for in-person or virtual gatherings.

Virtual Dinner

We all want to be together to celebrate the season and our loved ones. But it's not always possible, and 2020 has been particularly challenging for getting together.

One of our favorite ideas for a virtual gathering is to plan your cooking together. Since you can’t prepare a single meal for everyone, why not cook together!

You can share recipes and ingredients ahead of time, so everyone is on the same page. You can then set up your cameras in the kitchen and enjoy each other’s company while you prepare a meal together.

Give it an extra twist by challenging your virtual dinner mates to create a festive dessert using a freezie pop. Hint: Freezie pops make really great sorbets.

Or just enjoy one of the many (many) flavors of freezie pops or fruit snacks as a dessert itself!

Patio parties


Many of us have gotten more use of our patios this year than we ever dreamed. And most of us realize how brilliant it is to have a backyard bash or picnic on the patio.

For some extra fun, you might even consider setting up a freezie pop station with classic seasonal favorites like orange, grape, or apple.

If you live in a colder climate, consider adding a heater to the patio or serving warm drinks throughout the meal. Who doesn't love to sip on a hot cider or steamy cup of tea after enjoying a refreshing freezie pop?

A few closing thoughts

We like to think that the strange circumstances facing our upcoming festivities are an opportunity.

In some cases, the gatherings we all hold may have to be smaller. Other cases might need to happen over a distance or a virtual call. But any whatever way our festivities occur this year is a chance to create new memories.

And what better way to establish new memories than celebrating with a treat so many have loved for generations.

Your friends here at Kisko are happy to keep providing your family and friends with a timeless and cherished memory in our frozen and fruit treats.

We hope you might even be able to create some new and lasting traditions with your loved ones during the festivities this year.